Breathe: Discovering God's Pace in Life's Busyness
Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day... (Genesis 3:8)

How many times do we miss God or mess up life because we are going too fast? We cause discomfort in an important relationship because we rush through a conversation; we experience financial stress today from a rushed decision in our past; we feel physically or emotionally tired, so we go on vacation … only to return from the vacation needing a vacation. There is a better way! Our message series, Breathe: Discovering God’s Pace in Life’s Busyness, will explore biblical approaches to managing our hectic lives. 

April 2/3 Series Introduction
April 9/10 Priorities: Identifying & Capitalizing on the Important
April 16/17 Rest Periods: Delighting in a Day Off and God’s Provision
April 23/24 Simplify: Less Clutter = More Life!
April 30/May 1 Clear Conscience: Escaping the Tiredness of Inner Worry
May 7/8 Mother's Day Celebration
May 14/15 Chasing Money: Financial Practices that Include Peace
May 21/22 Home Sweet Home: Exploring the Feud-Free Family Life