Red Ink
January 21/22 || Red Ink: Series Intro 
January 28/29 || The Red Ink on Getting Ahead: Secrets to God’s Favor
February 4/5 || The Red Ink on Relationships: Is Peace and Quiet Possible?
February 11/12 || The Red Ink on Eternal Life: Getting Through Heaven’s Door
February 18/19 || The Red Ink on Revenge: When Do I Get to Slap Someone?
February 25/26 || The Red Ink on Spiritual Power: Engaging God’s Hand
March 4/5 || The Red Ink on Evil: Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?
March 11/12 || The Red Ink on Transformation: Spiritual Heart Health
March 18/19 || The Red ink on Greatness: Marks of a Spiritual All-Star 
March 25/26 || The Red Ink on the End of the World: Two Things Everyone Needs to Know 
April 1/2 || The Red Ink on Leadership: Is Anyone Worth Following?  
April 8/9 || The Red Ink on Mercy: The Mistake of Unforgiveness