Travel Journals

From May 18–28, 2017, a team of four individuals are traveled to Uganda. On this trip, they were able to visit Pastor Stanley and the New Generation Dreamland Children in their new home at the Rhino Refugee camp. Read below to find detailed journals about each day.

May 18-20 | Kathy Smarrella

Today, our small team made it to Arua, Uganda! We spent the morning visiting with Pastor Stanley (who has endured so much these last many months while caring for these children we all love) and meeting with YWAM hosts. Please pray for our time with the Dreamland Children tomorrow, our continued meetings, and overall protection of our team. 
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May 21 | Jay  Butterfield 

Today we visited the Rhino Refugee Camp and were able to see the children! All the children prepared a church service for us - The expression of love for Jesus was a common theme for the day that did not stop with the worship. Please pray the potential of a future partnership with YWAM, the health for the team, and their time with the children.
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May 22 | Karen Benninghoff

I can hardly understand their (the Dreamland Children) English but they speak with their eyes directly to my heart.  They whisper to me "Thank you that you love me and Remember me when you go to Merica."
PRAYER REQUEST: The well we drilled at Dreamland is not working - we are praying for a miracle!
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May 23 | Lance Knapp 

Today, we were able to get a lot accomplished! We gave Pastor Stanley's mother-in-law a walker, went shopping for school and medical supplies for the Dreamland, have deep, meaningful conversations with the older boys, and continue meetings. Please continue to pray for the Dreamland's well and our time with the children. 
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May 24 | Kathy Smarrella 

Today, we were able to give the older girls and house moms feminine hygiene kits that a team of Vineyard women made! We were also able to have a great conversation about their roles in the Kingdom as women.
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May 25 | Kathy Smarrella 

So, to not keep you in suspense, God has not yet answered our prayer for flowing water at the well. But, keep reading! Because we don’t think God is done yet. We gathered all the children and staff—along with our team—around the well...
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May 26 | Whole Team

Today was our last day in Uganda. As a team, we all had some apprehensions walking in, but through the time with The Dreamland, we found the same, wonderful kids that we knew from South Sudan. I think Jay said it best when he said, "I am truly blessed to have 130 children to call my very own."
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