Level 1: Loving Jesus 
Classes will focus on a basic knowledge of the Bible and the life of Jesus, as well as how knowing both the Word of God and Jesus in a more personal way can make a difference in our Christian walk. 
Level 2: Growing Together 
Classes will focus on growth in our relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as well as developing our faith through prayer, Bible study, spiritual disciplines, and an understanding of our identity as children of God. 
Level 3: Giving Back 
Classes will focus on moving our faith outward through the study and practice of missions, service, and evangelism. 
Level 4: Leadership 
Classes will focus on aspects of leadership, including a study of Biblical leadership, foundational Christian leadership principles, and the practice of leadership in applied ways. 
Please note: Levels do not have to be taken in order, nor do they have to be finished in any set amount of time.  
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