What is Vineyard FIT: Faith In Training?
Vineyard FIT includes our church membership classes (Vineyard 101, 201 & 301), semester-based class levels focusing on our Purpose Statement: Loving Jesus, Growing Together & Giving Back, as well as a level on Leadership.
What is the purpose?
Vineyard FIT: Faith In Training exists to create spiritually healthy followers of Jesus. We do this by offering classes to develop individuals’ understanding of God and experiences that will help them apply faith to life.
Who can attend Vineyard FIT classes?
Anyone! The majority of Vineyard FIT classes can be taken by anyone at the Vineyard Church. For those interested in getting the most out of Vineyard FIT classes, we encourage you to enroll as a Vineyard FIT student.
What is the benefit of being a Vineyard FIT student?
In addition to increasing spiritual knowledge and maturity, enrolled Vineyard FIT students get 30% off all class registration fees, a Vineyard FIT water bottle, and upon completion of each level, students will receive a Vineyard FIT certificate.
How do I enroll to become a Vineyard FIT student?
Enroll at the Resource Center or by clicking the below. The cost is simply a one-time registration fee of $20.