The 167 Message Series Daily Challenge


The hope for The 167 message series is that we will begin to invite God to be more involved in our lives during the 167 hours that we spend outside of church every week.

What’s the point?

Simply put, this card is a tool to remind us that it is possible to have a powerful spiritual life in the “real world.”

How’s it work?

Every day we will be presented with a new “challenge” that will help push us to bring the spiritual into our normal, everyday lives! Each weekend there will be a new daily challenge card.

Can I skip a day/challenge?

That is up to you! The challenges are jumping-off points and some days may be more difficult than others but don’t lose heart! In John 17, Jesus prays: “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them...” So remember that Jesus is right there with you.

Is this a requirement?

Nope! The goal of these challenges is not for you to do more “spiritual stuff” during the week — the goal is for each one of us to grow closer to Jesus!

Text Reminders:

Text “167” to (574) 318-3068 to sign up for daily text reminders

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