Kenny Beachy, Coordinator of Maintenance

Kenny is the Coordinator of Maintenance and assists in maintaining the building and grounds. He also helps in providing computer support to the Vineyard staff. 

Kenny grew up in a Christian home. During a Bible class in grade school, his teacher spoke about Heaven, Hell and the truth about Jesus as our Savior. On that day, Kenny asked Jesus into his heart. After entering high school, Kenny started to understand what it meant to be in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Several years later, Kenny’s relationship with God hit a rough patch; he had lost his focus on the pursuit of God and chose a lazy way of life. 

In 2015, Kenny started attending The Vineyard and recommitted his life to Jesus Christ and has been pursuing God ever since. He strives to put God first and to serve others. Kenny graduated from Huntington University in 2011 with a B.S. in Recreation Management. When he is not at serving he enjoys spending time with friends, family and watching sports.