Nate Earl, Director of Weekend Celebrations

Nate Earl is the Director of Weekend Celebrations at The Vineyard. He is responsible for assisting in developing and expanding weekend celebrations. Nate is also responsible for assisting in directing and coordinating the Live Production Team.

Practically raised in the church, Nate has been part of the Vineyard family since he was two years old. He grew up with a desire to be part of the worship team, dreaming he could play drums for "big church." However, God opened the door for him to learn the guitar while he was in fifth grade. Since then, Nate has been using his talents and passions serving on the Vineyard's worship team.

Nate enjoys spending his free time learning unique skills, such as building fires without matches and cooking tasty gluten-free meals. He loves wearing classy shoes that fit his hipster style. He is currently attending IUSB and is eager to pursue God's plan for the rest of his life.