Vineyard FIT Faith in Training

Do you want to get FIT? Staying physically fit is important, but how is your spiritual health? By attending a Vineyard FIT: Faith in Training class or workshop, you can grow in your understanding of God and discover practical ways to live out your faith.

Vineyard FIT: Faith in Training includes our church membership classes, semester-based class levels focusing on The Vineyard's purpose statement, "Loving Jesus, Growing Together & Giving Back," and classes on leadership.

Anyone! Vineyard FIT classes are for anyone searching for a deeper understanding of Christ. This could be a middle school student or someone who has been a Christian for all their life. You do not need to be a Vineyard FIT student to take classes, we encourage you to enroll as a Vineyard FIT student if you are wanting to get the most out of your Vineyard FIT education.

In addition to increasing spiritual knowledge and maturity, Vineyard FIT students get 30% off all class, a Vineyard FIT water bottle, and upon completion of each level, students will receive a Vineyard FIT certificate.

You can enroll at the Resource Center at your location or by clicking the link below. The cost is simply a one-time registration fee of $20.

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If you have questions about Vineyard FIT or your next steps, please click here.