Mission Statement

Vineyard School of Ministry (VSOM) exists to develop a community of leaders who serve within their God-given calling. This is accomplished through classroom and hands on experience-based learning activities that help future leaders explore their God given calling and gifts.


  • Community-centered instruction and experiences along with 1-on-1 development from staff and pastoral leadership
  • Vineyard School of Ministry is focused on the spiritual formation and discipleship of each student, which includes digging deep into the Word of God.
  • In-class instruction will include key areas of spiritual formation, discipleship, identity, leadership, and key ministry teachings. There is also Ministry Track instruction that dives deep in the specific area of ministry that each student is exploring. Examples of topics covered will include: biblical foundations, kingdom theology, healthy relationships, honor, leadership, fear of the Lord, evangelism, discerning a call, public speaking, intimacy with Jesus, spiritual warfare, spiritual gifts, leading through disappointment, and more.
  • MINISTRY TRACKS – Ministry Tracks are specific ministry groups that each student will choose at the beginning of term. Students will receive additional instruction and discipleship in their chosen area.

    Ministry Tracks include:
    • Leadership
    • Outreach & Missions
    • Worship
    • Prayer
    • Creative Arts (photography, videography, social media, graphic design, writing)
    • Technical Arts (sound, lights, media, stage design)
    • Next Generation (Children’s ministry, Student ministry)
    • Partner church track
  • Mission experience requirement (Date yet to be determined)
  • Applying to Vineyard School of Ministry does not commit you to the program. Like other schools, there is an acceptance process. If accepted, you will have an opportunity to officially enroll.


Typical Week

Expect 10–15 hours per week to be filled with both in-class and out-of-class teaching and experience.

  • (4 hours) – “In-class” instruction (Wednesday evening)
  • (6-10 hours) – Assignments in Ministry Track each week with instruction
  • Out-of-class “homework” and experiences


  • Tuition is $2,250 which includes all classes, books, meals during weekly classes, and a mission experience TBA in 2022. Tuition is non-refundable. If paid in full before the first day of class, a discount of $250 is applied.
  • Payment plans are available

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What age group is this targeted towards, and what are the requirements to apply and attend? The program is open to anyone who has graduated high school and has a driver’s license. While most ministry school programs focus on young adults or gap year students, we believe that having a multi-generational environment and community significantly increases the richness of the community.

  2. Do people apply for the program and their Ministry Track? The program is application-based, and each student will need to apply and be approved for the program and for the Ministry Track.

  3. Can someone attend from another church? Yes! The student will partner with their home church and their Ministry Track instruction would be specific to their home church context and be led by a leader at their local church. If you are interested in partnering in this way email Pastor Steve Huffman at

  4. Can someone work full time and go through the program? The primary instruction time will be in the evenings, however there are weekday commitments, weekend commitments and a mission trip that is required. After the application process, we will work with you to identify any schedule conflicts. We want to structure a program that is available for someone who works as well as those looking for an immersive learning experience.

    Every student is different, and the amount of the workload will affect each student differently. A blanket answer is “yes,” it is possible to work full time and attend Vineyard School of Ministry. If you would like to discuss this in depth, keeping in mind your specific circumstances, please contact Pastor Steve Huffman.

  5. Why does it cost so much? Vineyard School of Ministry cost includes all classes, books, meals during weekly classes, and a mission experience. The overall cost is highly competitive in the ministry school options within the region, and helps to cover the cost of classroom time, mentoring and ministry expenses related to the program for all students.

  6. Why a “school of ministry”? Vineyard Mishawaka has been successful over the last 10 years in developing leaders to lead teams, mission trips, and outreach areas; transition onto staff; plant churches; and lead multi-site venues. We recognize that there are other options for ministry education, but we realize that there is a need for local discipleship and leadership training.

  7. What if I have additional questions? Contact Pastor Steve Huffman at with additional questions.

Vineyard School of Ministry Topics

Module 1 – Foundations

  • Biblical Foundations – An understanding of the story of the Bible and how it relates to us today. Falling in love with God’s Word, which will be an ongoing study.
  • Vineyard and Revival History – The history of the Vineyard movement in depth and the history and purpose of revival.
  • Hearing from God – If my sheep hear my voice… How to hear from God and explore the way God talks to us and others.
  • Kingdom Foundations – Understanding the Kingdom of Heaven and the mystery of the kingdom and how to engage in kingdom activity.
  • Spiritual Warfare – Practical applications for the kingdom foundations.
  • Prayer Foundations – Foundations for a lifestyle of prayer.
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit – Exploring the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life and others.

Module 2 – Formation

  • Identity – Deepening our understand of who you were created to be in Christ.
  • Self-Care – Loving Jesus and our neighbor for the long run.
  • Relationships – Understanding relationships and their impact to your spiritual walk.
  • Fear of the Lord and Honor – Evaluating the “beginning of wisdom” and how to honor others provides a foundation for complexities of leadership.
  • Dealing with Disappointment – How to engage and thrive when life and situations get challenging.

Module 3 –Leadership

  • Evangelism – Sharing God’s story and your story.
  • Lifestyle of a Leader – Understanding and creating a lifestyle that helps you thrive in your faith and calling for the long term. This includes personal financial management.
  • Caring for Sheep – How to lead your flock well in everyday relationships and special situations.
  • Leading in the Small Things – From meetings, to groups, to everyday interactions. The small things sometimes create the largest impact.
  • Leading Through Change and Casting Vision – How to cast solid vision to lead others through any season or opportunity, and how to make the big ask.
  • Discerning a Call – As a leader, how do you discern your call and help others discerning their call from God
  • Public Speaking and Preaching – Developing your public speaking ability and how to put a sermon together.

Tentative Schedule

  • Mid September... School Kickoff (Start of Term)
  • Mid December — Mid January... Winter Break
  • May/April (date TBD)... Required missions experience
  • End of April... Graduation