Costa Rica Missions Update #3

December 31, 2017

Greetings Everyone,

Today was the 3rd work day of the Costa Rica missions trip and everyone worked incredibly hard. The team was tasked with helping out at La Vina Oeste.  They are a church plant of La Vina Palmares, and do church in a one-room warehouse type building.  Our task is to put up several walls that will separate the auditorium space from the children’s ministry space. 

We started that project today as well as pulling weeds in the parking lot.  Both of which are huge tasks. The drive to the church was 40 minutes and that was a great time to bond with the team and get to know each other. When we got to the church, the team was split into two teams. The weeding team was larger than the wall team, because of how large and GREEN the parking lot was. The parking lot was covered with tiny rocks and huge weeds were growing everywhere.

The wall team worked really hard and got a lot done. The structural part of the wall was already put up when we got there. The team had to take metal studs and put them an equal distance apart from each other in between the metal columns. By the way, this wall was 20 feet tall, but they completed that task with flying colors. With that task completed, it was time to start putting one side of the drywall up. While this was going on, the weeding team started to help out with the inside of the building and they started to put up the walls to the other rooms. Another heavy task on our shoulders.

The church family was super-duper kind to us and spoiled us with great food, amazing drinks, and even donuts. They were even kind enough to get us drinks and food while we worked. We had a lot of fun while we worked. Everyone worked very hard and got a lot accomplished. We still aren’t done with everything and we are planning on going back tomorrow, which I am super excited about.

Personally, for me, this was a great day. Many people on our team were suffering from sunburn from the day before, and the leaders made sure that everyone wore sunscreen, but the fact that the sun was covered up by clouds all day helped too. But everyone worked very hard, and you couldn’t even tell that they were in pain. I was part of the weeding team and I personally don’t enjoy weeding, but being around the team and talking to them made it worthwhile and helped me enjoy it. When we were done weeding for the day, I got to hang out with some of the pastor's kids I really enjoyed that. They knew how to speak some English so it wasn’t too hard to communicate. Everyone enjoyed today and we get to do it all again tomorrow.

I ask that you would pray for the team and for healing of our sunburn and pains in and on our bodies. Also for safety while working on the church. I strongly urge you to pray for Rayner (pronounced Ryner) and his family.  They have done so much for us on this trip and they have been through a lot during this. I just ask that you would pray for protection over them and that God would bless them for all their hard work.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


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