Facing Your Giants | Week 11

August 12, 2019 | The Vineyard Church

Jaci Miller

Homecoming. That period in autumn when we return to our old stomping grounds. The place, seasoned with memories and time, we call ours. Whether high school or college brought us joy or grief, Homecoming beckons us to return and remember.

What must have a homecoming been like for King David? Having fled his kingdom and been pursued by his son, Absalom. Knowing that many of his countrymen gave up on him and sided with his son. Dealing with the grief of the death of that son.

When the Ark of the Covenant had come home, David had danced in the streets. Instruments blared. Joy filled the city.

In contrast, Scripture portrays David’s return, post-Absalom, as one of shifting loyalties, suspicion, and unrest. Hardly a celebratory scene. Yet in 2 Samuel 19, Scripture highlights three individuals who hurried to meet David by the Jordan River.

Shimei: In chapter 16, he cursed David and threw stones at him, saying that David had lost his kingdom because of all the blood he’d shed. Later, in chapter 19, he begs for mercy, even falling prostrate before the king.

Mephibosheth: Also in chapter 16, a man named Ziba betrayed this son of Jonathan and smeared his name before David. This seems to have prevented Mephibosheth from traveling with David as he fled. On David’s return, Mephibosheth remembers David’s former kindness to him and asks the king to do what pleases him.

Barzillai: This wealthy man once took care of David when he was in Mahanaim, providing for David, and despite being eighty years of age, traveled to meet him.

All three were welcomed. To parade David home. Crossing the Jordan and escorting the king back to Jerusalem seems desirable, a showing of loyalties. Choosing your side. 

I see three types of individuals portrayed in these men: the vicious, the victim, and the virtuous. 

Which of these represent you? Do you scream at God, throwing “stones” at Him? Do you let others stand in your way, providing excuses for why you can’t reach God? Do you seek ways to serve God and provide for His kingdom? Maybe you’re a little of all three.

Shimei had to repent. Mephibosheth had to make the effort. Barzillai had to act intentionally.

David welcomed all of them in his homecoming journey. But they had to humbly approach David first. Even the virtuous. 

Do you approach God humbly? 

He has invited us — the vicious, the victim, the virtuous — to a glorious Homecoming. How will you welcome the coming King?

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