Honduras Mission Trip 2022 | Update #5

April 7, 2022

By Blake Magyar

Our last day of work in Honduras. Though the day was a bit shorter, we can leave knowing that we made just as much of an impact on these people as they did on us. “The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want” Psalm 23:1. 

Today, we did our 4th distribution to a small village called Cebú. We handed out boxes of food and other supplies to 25 families and showered the children with toys, suckers, and a few soccer balls. Pastor Arqui spoke about the tax collector Zacchaeus, and how Jesus told him he would dine in his house. I found this ironic because we just spoke about this story in church no more than a few weeks ago. He said that Jesus loves all of us, regardless of our past sins and that no one is exempt from receiving the ultimate gift—eternal life in Heaven. All you must do is believe in Him and accept Him as your Savior. Well, I’m happy to say that a mother and her two daughters as well as two younger boys accepted Christ today!  Every day we’ve been able to witness more and more lives being saved. It’s truly been a blessing. 

 After the distribution, we had a little time to relax and recuperate before we grabbed some souvenirs and dinner. To end the night, we attended a celebration at Pastor Nelson’s church. All these church services have been such an amazing sight – Hondurans really know how to worship and praise the Lord! They were dancing, jumping, and hollering. We North Americans could take some notes from these faithful servants. During the celebration, Pastor Kathy and Lori Crain shared touching testimonies. Ending the night was bittersweet for us. Although we had just met a few days ago, it felt like we had known these people for a lifetime. It really makes you think—did we really help them, or were we the actual recipients of more blessings? The warm welcomes, humbling gestures, and lifelong friendships that were made will have an everlasting impression on all our hearts. The most important part to all of this is that all the glory is God’s. 

Please continue to keep all the Honduran families and our team in your prayers. Unfortunately, a few of our own are a bit under the weather but there is power in prayer! We love and miss you all and will see you in a few days! God Bless! 



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