India Mission Trip 2024 | Update #4

March 9, 2024

By Jackie Stout 

We had another wonderful day in India.  We were able to visit Christ for India’s new school - the Bethesda Christian Academy.  We were greeted in the beautiful foyer by the principal next to their Wall of Honor giving thanks to the Vineyard Church and Mark, Kathy and Steve!

We were treated like royalty - starting with a spectacular entrance to their sports courtyard,  being given a beautiful garland of flowers, treated to two hours of kids’ competitions and dance, and even getting to hand out the awards to the winners!

After the festivities, we were given a tour of the school.  The facility was beautiful including the flooring.  Pastor Abraham told us that the budget only allowed for tile flooring, but through a supplier God provided granite for the same price as tile.  We also saw stairs that will eventually lead to a 3rd floor that is part of the growth plan for the school.

We were then waited on hand a foot with Indian dishes prepared by the staff.  We discussed internally with our group that it felt a little uncomfortable; them waiting on us.  We felt it should be the other way around due to the magnificent morning they provided.  We were joined by Pastor Abraham’s wife, Joyce.  We found it funny that she “scolded” Ranjit because his daughter was crying when she couldn’t join us today.  We also saw wild monkeys running through the barbed wire along the fence.

Later in the after we went to Janpat market for souvenir shopping with Rangit’s wife Sneha and their son Levi.  The school blessed us with large framed Indian prints earlier in the day so we picked up another suitcase to carry them home.  The evening ended with eating Chicken 65 which apparently was really good.  Admittedly, I was done for the day and opted for room service.  That’s allowed since I am the oldest of the group.


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