India Mission Trip 2024 | Update #6

March 11, 2024

By Andy Losiniecki 

Today we all ventured to see the Taj Mahal.  After 3 1/2 exhilarating hours in the car, we were met at the gate by our own tour guide.   As with many trips, the journey was as exciting as the destination.  Along our journey, we were able to see the primitive structures utilized to make bricks, visited a nearly completely abandoned mall that seemed out of some sort of zombie movie and grabbed a quick snack at McDonald’s.  All the while feeling like we were in a NASCAR driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

We learned Taj Mahal was built 400 hundred years ago as a shrine to a local King and his wife.  The intricate stonework was a site to behold.  Our guide provided secrets in regards to echoing in the main chamber, location of the second Taj Mahal, which was never built, and optical illusions that were pointed out along the way.   

The long car trip back to the hotel zapped the team of energy. Ultimately we decided to stay in as we prepare to pack and return home tomorrow.   

Tomorrow a.m. we are due to visit and dedicate the site of a new school that the Vineyard provided financial support.  


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