Missouri 2018 Update #2

April 11, 2018

CarolAnn Master

carolannThis morning in my Bible time, I read a passage in Matthew 25 where Jesus says, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”  And I felt like the Lord was reminding me that the work we are doing here at Harvest Home is work we are doing for the Lord.  He told me to work here as if I was working for him, and it was amazing to see our team members having the same attitude.  It seemed like everywhere I looked, I saw people working hard and working with joy in their hearts.

daniel and the treeI spent the day with the “Jungle Demolition and Fire team,” pulling weeds, chopping down trees and clearing the “jungle” of sticks and debris.  Our team put a lot of effort into making that part of the property space where picnic tables could be put up and people could enjoy spending time out in God’s creation.



kitchen workGary, Michelle, Sarah, and Angie made more progress with the backsplash in the downstairs of The Refuge, and from what I heard, they had a great time doing it!  It’s so neat to see our team working together with staff and residents of Harvest Home, partnering with each other as the body of Christ.

Our team at the Hope house worked hard on tiling the floor and making that a space ready for potential house parents and residents to live in.  A group was also able to finish putting up decorations and art in The Refuge, creating an environment for people to feel welcome.


After dinner, we spent the evening together as a team and with the Harvest Home residents and staff.  We worshipped together, shared about our days, and heard testimonies from Katie, Cindy & Brett—three people who came on the Vineyard trip last year to the farm and are now living and working here at Harvest Home.  It was a beautiful time of fellowship, reconnecting with our Vineyard friends that now work here, and praising Jesus for what he’s doing this week.  We were all blown away that it’s only the second day, and our two groups, Vineyard and Harvest Home, are already connecting so well together and working in unity as the body of Christ. 

team day 2I came on the trip to Harvest Home last year with the church, and it’s been such a blessing to be back and to continue partnering with what God is doing here. As the Lord had reminded me this morning, what we’re doing here at the farm we are also doing for him.  And I believe that includes not only the hard labor, but the ministry and the conversations and everything in between.  God is doing something amazing here at Harvest Home, and I’m thankful to once again be a part of it.


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