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October 10, 2016

Tyler Cline

I am 24 and probably too young to complain about my back. I have put it through a lot of strenuous events. I was in wrestling in high school and threw it out once. I have also served in the Marines carrying tons of gear and long hikes. I have thrown my back out many times there. Now I am an iron worker. Much manual labor and always using my back. Sometimes when it acts up I can't get out of my bed or sneeze. However, this year I received prayer for healing and the annoying pain is gone. I have not felt any pain down there for awhile. I feel healed and freedom from that and I feel ten times better too. God has blessed me and healed me. Thank you for the prayers. I have never gone to a church as much as I have gone to this one, and I have never been healed as much since I have been going to this church. Love everything about it. Keep on going. God bless. 

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