Small Graces

July 12, 2022 | Jaci Miller

I’m human. You probably are too. (Grin.) With that comes humanness—including a propensity for making mistakes, for forgetting, for choosing wrongly.

Enter grace. Being given something good that we don’t deserve.

I’ve encountered grace most recently at my new job. Grace from my coworkers and grace from God. When I forget the step in a process and God pings my memory before it’s too late. When I choose the wrong computer code and a co-worker shows kindness in helping me fix it. When IT mends a “simple” problem for me, but doesn’t make me feel similarly “simple.”

I’ve taken to calling these little instances of goodness “small graces.” Moments when God extends His help and nudges the part of me that (despite all my growth) wonders if He cares about the tiniest moments of my existence. Like He doesn’t forget the sparrows (Luke 12:6), He doesn’t forget me.

Small graces reflect the greater gift we’re given by Jesus’ death. That giant gift of eternal life demonstrates God’s love on a grand scale. Small graces show His love on a smaller scale.

These small graces serve multiple purposes:

  • Reminding me that He wants to participate daily in my life, even in the seeming minutiae. He is that interested in me.
  • Calling me to thankfulness. When I receive a small grace, it prompts an opportunity to thank the Lord for watching over me. For saving my sorry self yet again or for proactively protecting me.
  • Teaching me to look for God’s activity regularly. Not just at church. Not just at home group. He moves constantly and in more places than the ones I deem “spiritual.”
  • Pulling me through challenging moments when I need His touch. Small graces give me courage to keep going.

There’s nothing small about God’s grace; His grace is immense. But sometimes He offers us that grace in small moments of great love. Romans 5:17 refers to the “abundant provision of grace” God offers. Ephesians 1:7 refers to the “riches” of God’s grace. “Abundant” implies no lack. “Riches” implies valuable. It only makes sense that our loving God, possessing such a great deal of the stuff, would shower us in precious grace in as many ways as possible.

The small graces I’ve encountered at work are just one more way He’s showing He loves me.

Where have you experienced small graces?