Standing with God

September 1, 2020 | Jaci Miller

“You should stand on your chair.”

Nah. I ignored that voice and kept worshiping.

I was comfortable with worship and the various postures often associated with it. Hands raised, kneeling, lying on the ground, even using sign language on occasion. But standing on a chair seemed ridiculous. I’d never done it before, it would draw too much attention to me and, besides, it was unsafe.

Being a little uncoordinated, balancing on a chair seat seemed rather foolish. But then again, David didn’t fear the foolish (2 Samuel 6:14, 22).

The thought returned, a little firmer. “Stand on your chair.”

I paused in my worship. All right, Lord. Best not to resist.

I eyed my feet. Better kick off my sandals. Barefoot, I climbed onto the chair, set my feet wide apart, and while trying to focus on the Lord and not my precarious perch, wobbled my way through the next song.

A little preparation. Awkwardness. A bit of risk. A touch of fear and even embarrassment. At times, perhaps these are elements of authentic worship?

Like the widow who gave her last mite (Mark 12:41-44), the worship came at a cost. In this case, my dignity and personal comfort. However, I had to ask myself, did a big God deserve a big gift?

We all know the answer to that.

I haven’t always obeyed when the Lord speaks hard things. And I typically don’t advocate for unwisely jeopardizing one’s safety. But I believe He was pleased that I obeyed when He asked and that I offered Him something more this time. I put my body at risk to honor the One who put His body to death.

In this case, standing on my chair meant standing with God. How could I say no?

How is God asking you to risk, in worship or in other areas, this week?