October 12 – 15, 7-9pm

Chasing God is a series of evenings set aside for the sole purpose of drawing near to God. Through music and worship, teaching from some great speakers, prayer and enough flexibility to respond to God in the moment, we hope that significant life change will happen!


Sunday, October 9, 7pm

  • Start of Three-day Fast 
  • Prayer & Worship Gathering

Monday, October 10, 7pm

  • Prayer & Fasting Gathering

Tuesday, October 11, 7pm

  • Prayer & Fasting Gathering

Wednesday, October 12, 7pm

  • End of Three-day Fast
  • Speaker: Ray Longwood (The Experience Vineyard Church • Rockville Centre, NY)
  • Kids programming available up through the 3rd grade | Register

Thursday, October 13, 7pm

  • Speaker: Julie Yoder (The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois • Urbana, IL)
  • Kids programming available up through the 3rd grade | Register

Friday, October 14, 7pm

  • Speaker: Joe Wood (Vineyard Community Church • Richmond, KY)
  • Kids programming available up through the 3rd grade | Register

Saturday, October 15, 7pm

  • Speaker: Kevin Clark (Vineyard Community Church • Lexington, KY)
  • Kids programming available up through the 3rd grade | Register
  • No 5:30pm Weekend Celebration. Normal Celebration times resume on Sunday.



Three-day Fast

Starts on Sunday, October 9 at 7pm

We invite our church body to come together to fast and pray for Chasing God, because we believe God will honor and bless the sacrifice. The invitation is for each of us to take part in a fast from unnecessary screen time for three days. Ask God what this fast should look like specifically for you.

We do not “earn” anything by fasting, but eliminating time spent watching or using screens makes room for us to focus on God and our spiritual lives. It slows us down and creates more space for us to hear from God. Jeremiah 29:13 says, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Fasting can lead to incredible transformation for individuals and whole communities. Some examples of fasting in the Bible: Esther 4:16, Ezra 8:21-23, and 1 Corinthians 7:5.

On-screen entertainment is more readily available than ever before. For many, when given spare time, our immediate impulse is to pick up the phone to scroll through social media or binge-watch the newest TV show. Fasting from food is a helpful spiritual discipline to practice, but our dependence on screens is stealing more and more of our valuable time—which leaves us less space to focus on God and our spiritual lives.


Screen time is any time spent using a device such as a computer, television, phone, or game console.


No problem! We will be fasting from unnecessary screen time. If you need to use a computer to do your job or if you need to adjust the thermostat on your phone, go for it!


No, it is easy to be sucked into the infinite scroll of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok—so let’s all take a break from social media for a few days!

No! A benefit of a church-wide fast is that you are not alone. We expect hundreds of people to participate in the fast, and we want each person to feel supported while fasting so they can experience all God has for them. Before Chasing God, you’re invited to join us as we pray and worship as one, seeking God’s presence during the fast:

Prayer & Fasting Gatherings
  • Sunday, October 9, 7–8:30pm
  • Monday, October 10, 7–8:30pm
  • Tuesday, October 11, 7–8:30pm
  1. Have a plan for what you will do during the times you typically use screens. For example, if you usually eat dinner in front of the TV, try sharing a meal with someone or reading instead.
  2. To help limit the temptation, you can use your phone’s “Focus Mode” to reduce nonessential notifications and hide apps you might open out of muscle memory when you pick up your phone.
  3. Text “FAST” to 574.318.3068 to receive daily encouragement and challenges.

*More information coming next weekend, October 8/9.


Steve Huffman, Executive Pastor


Programming for children up to 3rd grade will be available, but please register each child online.