Discussion Questions

Thank you so much for leading a Vineyard Group! If you are stuck on what to do for your next group, feel free to follow along with the current message series. We will post discussion questions after each weekend and we encourage you to use these!

Hosting an Online Group


January 8/9, 2022 | Resolve: Starting the Year Off Right 
January 15/16, 2022 | Resolve: The Hard Work of Money Management{{accordion|find_series="groups"}
January 22/23, 2022 |
 Resolve: Pursuing Our God Given Calling

Group Blog

Looking for tips and tricks to better your group or yourself as a leader? Check out our Group Blog for great resources!

Groups Blog

Community Outreach Guide

There are numerous outreaches that you can partner with as a group. Check our compiled resources below to find where you can serve and give back today!

Outreach Guide 

Resource Guide


RightNow Media

RightNow Media is like the Netflix of Christian Bible Studies! With thousands of videos, you can find a series that is perfect for your group.

RightNow Media 


Spiritual Growth Plan

Have you ever wished that following Jesus came with a simple to-do list? With the Spiritual Growth Plan, you can use this as a tool to develop and identify the next steps in your personal journey with Jesus and provide practical ways to take action in accomplishing your spiritual goals. This is a great tool to use and track your growth as a group. 

Spiritual Growth Plan Tool Kit

Sample Documents

When you lead a group, it can be helpful to have examples of how a group is meant to be run. Below, we've created an example of ground rules and a meeting agenda for your group. Hopefully, you can find this helpful as you lead a group.

Ground Rules Meeting Agenda