There’s more for you here at The Vineyard than a service on the weekend. NEXT is a series of four classes where you will learn about the church, what we believe, and what’s next for you. Whether you’re new here or want to get more involved, this is the place for you!

Everyone has a story! We want to hear your story and share with you the story of The Vineyard. During NEXT 1, that is our focus... story! We'll discuss the history of the Vineyard movement, our Vineyard church, and where you're at in your own spiritual story.

Loving Jesus. Growing Together. Giving Back. During NEXT 2, our focus will be on those values and more! We'll discuss what The Vineyard believes and our approach to church and theology.

What's your role in the mission? During NEXT 3, our focus will be on how we can use our giftings to participate in the mission of the church. We'll discuss spiritual gifts and invite you to use those gifts to serve.

What's your next step? During NEXT 4, our focus will be potential next steps around the church and how to get involved. We'll discuss membership and leadership at The Vineyard as well as unpack serving, growing, and receiving care at the church.


NEXT is a series of four classes where you will learn about The Vineyard, what we believe, and what's next for you.

Join every Sunday morning at 9:50am resuming in the fall. 

Nope! There's no need to register — you can feel free to just show up.

NEXT is a combination of teaching and discussion. Classes happen during a Sunday Celebration so you can attend a service and a class on the same weekend.

You can check your kids into Vineyard Kids, where they will have a great time!