Chicago Dream Center Mission Trip 2022 | Update #2

July 29, 2022

By Vicki Topolski

Our second day serving in Humboldt Park was jammed packed! After breakfast and morning worship, we split up into three groups to do ministry. One group went to the community garden to harvest potatoes, tend to the garden and had the opportunity to pray for others. Another group, went to the Let's Change shop and sorted clothes, cleaned and assisted customers; they also did some amazing artwork on the sidewalk in front of the store! Our third group, worked at the New Life Covenant Church unloading and reloading bags full of groceries; over 1,700 of them!! 

Many/most of these bags of groceries will be used for the HOPEFEST celebration tomorrow, where we will be serving neighborhood folks who come for games, face painting, backpacks, haircuts, medical care, etc—it’s a block party on steroids! Our team will participate by passing out the groceries we helped to sort and organize, in the kids zone, and wherever else we are needed. Any bags not distributed will be used in other ministries; most sent to ministries in Africa later this year. It was long, tiring work, but the team came together really well and had fun doing it! 

Tonight, the team went out to do ministry with the "Bridge to Life" (feeding the homeless) where we took food and prayed for their requests. Also, the "Rose of Sharon" (caring for sexually-trafficked women) where we handed out roses and care packages for women in these high-risk situations. Wow, God used our team in mighty ways as they went out like warriors with no fear to pray and bless so many of the least of these tonight. So many Godly encounters occurred as our team poured into everyone they met. God poured right back into all of us as well. Many of our personal stories will be brought back to South Bend not only to share with you but to share with others.

Join us in prayer that tomorrow during HOPEFEST that God brings joy to all that we serve for Him. We also pray that HOPEFEST is not only preparation for the new school year; but also preparation for lives to be changed. 

We can't wait to see what God has in store for us next!!



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