Costa Rica Missions Update #2

December 30, 2017

Hello everyone,

Today was our second day in Costa Rica. The church had a kid’s festival in which approximately 500 kids came with their parents to have fun and play games. Our team helped run the games with some of the church volunteers. It did not seem like a lot of work, but it was often chaotic at times. Everyone worked really hard and made it enjoyable for both the kids and the workers. Ben Shoemaker was really outstanding as he helped by dressing up in a clown costume and putting tattoos on the kids. While he was a clown, the rest of us helped in various carnival games, like the Plinko game, bowling, knocking down cans, and a duck pond. Food was served during the games and some of the team members helped make snow cones, cotton candy, and popcorn. Sadly, all fun has to come to an end and the festival ended at lunchtime.

After lunch, we went to downtown Palmares after one of our projects was canceled. It was a time of welcome rest, where we got to talk to some of the locals and see what their downtown looks like. While in the town, we saw an iguana and had some delicious ice cream. Downtown was beautiful and many of the locals were out visiting with other Costa Ricans. We were able to build better relationships with each other and the locals who showed us around.

After our tour of downtown, we went back to the church and had an hour and a half of quiet time with God. Everyone enjoyed it as often the busyness of life keeps us from taking time with God. This time was special as we had been serving God these past two days and it allowed us to both refocus on God and allow Him to speak to us.

Later tonight, some of our team helped deliver a washing and drying machine to the ladies we helped move yesterday. They were very grateful as they did not expect it and were amazed by the church’s generosity. Since then, we have been growing closer together as a team.

Today was a great day and I really stretched myself as I not only tried to understand Spanish, but I also spoke Spanish to some of the teens I was working with. I helped with a game where the kids knocked down cans. It was very fun as I worked alongside a Costa Rican teen, who did not speak much English. It was hard to communicate with her, but I was able to get my point across and even learned a bit about her life. During lunch, I immersed myself in their culture as I sat with Costa Rican teens and tried to understand what they were saying. It was so much fun to work alongside all these Godly people and laugh with them. Costa Ricans are very welcoming and I felt immediately included in their group. The quiet time with God was also refreshing and I encourage anyone who has not spent time with God lately to take time to do so.

Please continue to pray for our team. Pray that we will stretch ourselves and continue to serve to the best of our ability. Thank you for all of your support!

Costa Rica Missions Update #2
Kaitlyn Myers


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