Costa Rica Missions Update #4

January 1, 2018

Today we spent our fourth day working on our projects at the Vineyard Oeste and finished the day with our own church service we held ourselves. We continued the projects we started the day before at Vineyard Oeste. Some of the team continued putting up walls inside the church. We almost finished putting up insulation and drywall up on the main wall and started putting insulation and drywall up on some of the smaller walls. We also started putting up the foundation for walls for the children’s rooms as well. Other members of the team finished the long and tiring job of pulling weeds in the parking lot that was started the day before. A handful of the team had the great opportunity of doing a prayer walk for people around the area. Several people accepted and got prayer from the team.

After we got back to the Vineyard Palmares, we had dinner and got to do a small service in the church auditorium with just the fifteen of us. Some of our musically talented members lead a full band worship and Matt LaFree did a small message he prepared for the service. Once Matt’s message was over, he gave the opportunity to recommit our lives to Christ. Six of the twelve students recommitted their lives to Christ which was a fantastic way to end 2017.

For me, I saw today as another great day to get a lot of work done while still connecting with each other and people outside the team. I helped put up some of the walls today.  Part of that job was to go up on some scaffolding to put in insulation and help screw in the drywall. It was a little scary and I had to redo a few mistakes, but it was very rewarding to stand and see several walls up knowing that just yesterday I stood in the same spot and saw an empty room with no walls. It is also rewarding to look and see not just the strong walls, but the strong relationship we have as a team. Every day I see the team grow stronger together and to see and hear what God is doing in every single one of us. I look forward to spending the next few days with this team.

Please continue praying for us as we finish our projects at Vineyard Oeste, and Thank you for your prayers and support.


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