I've been Healed!

May 30, 2017

Regina Chew

During the sermon series on prayer, I tried some different approaches to prayer (praying longer, fasting, using my prayer language, asking God what is in His heart) and have grown stronger and closer in my relationship with Jesus. On May 3 I hurt my lower back doing yard work. It was bothering me so I had a massage, which didn't help. The discomfort turned to pain during the next week and on May 10 I woke with muscle spasms whenever I moved and could barely walk. I canceled my plans for the day and had a chiropractic adjustment. This took care of the pain for a day but then it returned, worsening each day and remaining constant. It did not respond to ice, rest, menthol patches, anti-inflammatories, massage, an additional chiropractic adjustment, or even prayer. After ten days I was worn out from constant pain, which frequently reached an 8 on a scale of 1 - 10. I was barely able to function at work. I was discouraged and decided it was time to see another doctor. Sunday morning, I was prayed over by the whole prayer team. During this prayer, I felt a warm sensation at the focal point of the pain. I went on to the worship service, where Pastor Mark's sermon was about miracles in response to prayer. Driving home, I remember praying "Lord, how great would it be if you healed my back and I was able to tell about it for your glory! That would be so cool! I would love you to be glorified! And, oh yeah, it would be great to be pain-free too." As Sunday went on I became aware that the pain was diminishing and by that evening at 500 Voices I felt assured that a healing was taking place. The pain was conspicuously absent while standing and bending. It was like walking from a noisy construction site into a silent room! By Monday afternoon the pain was totally gone during regular activities. While a doctor's exam on Tuesday revealed a ligament sprain, the daily pain has not returned. Besides getting relief I feel so blessed! Jesus cares about me! He answered the prayer with His personal touch. I am assured of his attention to the details of my life. This has given me such peace, joy, and confidence for whatever else life has for me. My assurance that Jesus hears me and that I matter to Him has blown apart any doubts about my value! 

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