JOY in my Heart

May 2, 2017

Martha Southworth

Our family has been going through a special kind of heartache since the beginning of the year concerning one of our children. God had specifically spoken to me that I needed to be praising Him in the midst of this. Well, that's easy to lose sight of sometimes. Last night our group was discussing the "Can We Talk" questions on April 29/30 and the "Thursday morning mind list" came up. We had a good discussion on that topic and went on to the next question. Fast forward to early this morning. My first thought as I woke was "Another day, how am I going to get through this Lord?" And IMMEDIATELY there was a spark of pure JOY! How was that possible? I turned my mind towards God and more Joy came flooding in! I was quickly reminded of a verse I'd read Sunday morning, Ps.4:7 "Thou hast put more JOY in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound." I remembered God's word to me to PRAISE Him in the midst of this trial. When I'm looking at God and focusing on Him, everything else seems small in comparison. Praising Him is a wonderful form of prayer. Thank You, Father.

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