Missouri 2018 Update #1

April 10, 2018

Lance Knapp

lanceOur drive from The Vineyard to Harvest Home in Missouri started after getting prayed off well at the church. We made it in fairly good time; however, we drove into some snow as we got within a couple hours of our destination. Ivan Mark, our driver, did a great job pressing through as I helped navigate him through what looked more like a winter wonderland than an April drive… it added a bit to our drive. Although we arrived late at night, we made it safely and all got settled into our homes. I was internally frustrated about the snow and the extra time being awake: I like my sleep!

sunriseThis morning, as I was arriving with Bert Stutzman to the other home to pick up some fellow male breakfast makers, I was able to capture a small glimpse of God’s majesty in an incredible sunrise. The frustration of the trip’s start was immediately erased. It’s in the beauty of the bigger picture that we should learn to endure the small challenges that come our way.

After the delicious breakfast, our team met with the Harvest team. A couple of the residents shared from their hearts. It was great to see their willingness to be transparent and vulnerable with us on the first day. Many of us on the team felt a connection right from the start and several admitted to welling up with tears as we listened to the sharing.

tilingWe had several projects going throughout the campus today: a roof tear-off at a house, some tiling of a basement floor of another home, painting in even another home, tiling a back splash in the kitchen, decorating and some reorganization at The Refuge (the main center within the campus). Each member of the team received an assignment, and all went to work.

roof workI was happy to jump in with a few of the men to complete the roof tear-off. Even though we have some experts around the roof, I like that everyone got to play. Those with more skill trained some of the younger men that haven’t done this type of work before. It was great to be a part of that. Daniel Lindenlaub, the youngest guy on the project, was removing shingles like a pro by the end of the day.

unloading truckAfter lunch, I felt prompted to check in with team members on other projects. So, I went to each of the projects to interact and help. I recognized that every project was uniquely different and required a different skill set. Yet, each job seemed to be getting done – and well. It reminded me how we as the body of Christ all have different parts to play. This team was the body of Christ today and I’m excited to see what this week brings!

truckThe roof tear-off is complete; tomorrow means installing a new roof. The re-organization is complete; tomorrow means more of the team can get outside for more projects as the weather warms. Tiling will continue, both with the flooring and the backsplash. It is my hope that vulnerability continues, that bonding continues, that God continues to show off at what He’s up to in the midst of this partnership. Stay tuned.


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