Rebuild Missions Trip 2019 | Update #4

June 14, 2019

Rachel Coleman

Our fourth day on the farm started off like each day previously. We were ushered into our daily task with a great breakfast prepared by the residents of the house. This breakfast, however, was a little different than before, because we were very honored to have the residents eat breakfast with us and socialize with all the members of the team and not just the female members.

Soon afterward, our different teams were hard at work, with the addition of 3 of the residents working alongside the crew.

The roofing team continued working hard on the roof. The wind was a major issue again today, turning tarps and metal siding into parachutes for parasailing. The siding crew worked hard at getting one full side completed with a new window and door installed.

Meanwhile, the crew in the shed made tremendous strides in getting all the insulation in the walls and drywall up on one and a half walls. The cleanup crew was so magnificent, they made it look as if no construction was taking place at all. 

Great transformations were made today and the rebuild projects were just the start. One of our team members, Paul Maust, had a birthday earlier in the week. We have been singing Happy Birthday to him nearly every day. Pastors Gary and Jackie, along with all the residents, organized a surprise birthday celebration for Paul in the Chapel this evening. 

We heard great testimonies from a couple of the residents but one especially touched the hearts of all of us. She started by saying how nervous and scared she was to talk in front of people but she felt comfortable enough to tell her testimony in front of us. That was such a great experience for us to know that the love of God in our hearts and the passion we have to serve others gave her the comfort she needed to finally speak.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!


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