The Chapel

March 13, 2017 | Pastor Steve Huffman

The construction of the building is racing along, and with each passing week, exciting progress continues. An exciting part of this phase of construction will be the addition of a new auditorium that we are now calling the Chapel ... we thought it was a better name than “Auditorium C”.

The Chapel will serve as a multi-purpose room where we will house a venue on the weekends and also larger classes, Student Ministry events, Young Adults, prayer meetings, and events that can build more community within our church family. It will also serve as another space for young leaders and team members to hone their technical and communication skills in front of relatively smaller groups of people. 
When the Chapel opens we will begin the work to transition Auditorium B back to a multi-purpose space that will be used for JAM Children's Ministry on the weekend. Auditorium B we continue to host Celebrate Recovery on Monday nights. 
The Chapel will open on Easter weekend, as long as all of our construction work and final inspections are complete. At that time, South Door Campus will be renamed “The Chapel Venue” and will have a single service at 9:30am.