Uganda Fall Update #4

September 12, 2017

Hello, praying friends and family! Today was Fantastic!

Before heading out to Dreamland, we gathered for scripture and worship. The scripture shared was Daniel 3:17-18. I have no doubt that while these children were in South Sudan they had prayers regarding staying in the Dreamland orphanage, but that is not the way God chose to work. Check out Daniel 3:18. “But even if he does not…”  That’s where these sweet children currently find themselves. They evacuated South Sudan and escaped to Uganda. Here’s the kicker; they praise God and worship Him with their whole heart in a way that would put most of us to shame. Lord, let us learn to praise you in the storm!

We arrived at the camp after a dusty and jaunting ride. The children ran towards the van with squeals of delight. Our team was greeted with warm welcomes, handshakes and hugs. The children give the most amazing hugs that you can imagine!

While setting up for the art projects that will be auctioned at Art for the Heart of Africa on November 3rd, we saw Raymond. He has malaria. A fever was raging through his body. Several of the team members surrounded him and prayed. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit had compassion on Raymond. Praise the Lord! Raymond received healing! The fever left him. Every time we passed by him throughout the day, we kept touching him and he was smiling from ear to ear. We praise Jesus that the fever is gone!  Woot Woot! Happy Dance!

The rest of the day was spent working on the art projects. The boys showed up with supplies and an electrician who quickly began to install solar lighting in both dorms. Clint, Steve, and Marc (and several Dreamland helpers) began the process of installing gutters to collect rain into water basins. The day was exceptionally hot and I marvel at the servant hearts that I see in my Vineyard team members. In the heat, one member was feeling a zinger of a headache coming on. After healing prayer, it was gone. We serve an amazing, compassionate and limitless God. Dear Team Vineyard friends, if you haven’t gone on a mission trip yet, you seriously need to!


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