Uganda Fall Update #6

September 14, 2017

To all our praying friends and family,

Today started the same as every other day by eating breakfast and listening to a short devotion. The cars were then loaded with all the food that was bought yesterday for our feast with the children on Friday. The goats were loaded in the car as well, so Marc, Steve and Clint got to ride in the car with the two goats.

When we arrived at the dreamland, the ladies got started on the art project and the men began their work projects.

We had around 30 kids that still needed to finish their projects, and that went really well. The younger kids worked a lot faster as their project was a little less complex. The older kids were very helpful in translating and making sure the kids understood what they were supposed to do.

To go along with the art project, I have been teaching them a song called "Hands and Feet" all week that talks about being the hands and feet of Jesus. It was so fun to hear the kids singing that song all day!

Steve, Marc and Clint were busy at work finishing the gutters. They got them all hung up, and tomorrow they will finish by hooking them up to the cistern. The ladies finished the art project early, so then we had some time to spend with the kids with no agenda. Karen and Michele walked around the entire property praying, Katie spent more time talking to the older girls and the others spent time singing and dancing with the kids.

After the long and bumpy ride back to the YWAM base, we had a dinner of beans and tortilla. It doesn't sound like much, but this was the favorite of the week for most of the team!

After dinner, we headed to Sid and Wendy Harper's house. The Harper's serve as staff at YWAM and have been assisting with our stay. This is also the family that I will be living with for the next 8 months. I will be homeschooling 4 of their 8 children that are currently living with them. While homeschooling them, I will also be able to spend time doing continued ministry with the Dreamland children.

The Harper's are an amazing family. We spent the evening eating some wonderful desserts made by their daughters and having a refreshing time of worship led by Sid and Wendy. The whole team enjoyed themselves, but on a personal note I loved officially meeting the entire family, seeing my new home and spending time with them. It was loud and crazy with all those kids, but I loved it! I truthfully felt right at home.

The family has two boys with Down’s Syndrome, and there is also another teacher for those boys that lives with them. She is right around my age. She was telling me about the community of young and single missionary women around the area that she regularly connects with. I'm excited to meet all of them and join their community! Overall, I am so excited to be a part of the Harper home and I can't wait to jump into all that God has in store for me in this next year.

Tomorrow, we are heading to the Rhino Camp one more time to see the Dreamland children. We will have a celebration that includes a yummy feast, and a presentation from the children.


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