Uganda September 2018 Update 3

September 6, 2018

Chuck Morris

This trip has been awesome, and the Dreamland kids are so much fun! As for our team, we are growing closer and closer; I’d venture to say we have a “dynamic” team here in Uganda… even to the point of discussing the details of certain bodily functions of lack thereof … at every meal.

After our morning meal (which included real coffee from my coffee press) we all squeezed into the van and headed to “Rhino Camp the Ride”. This trip is quite an adventure … to borrow a thought from Tim McGraw, we rode 1.5 hours on a bull named Fu Man Chu.

The trip is worth it, though; the kids are amazing. One of my jobs has been to help Jay with photographing the kids; my job is really to make the kids smile, and I’m having a blast. By the way, these photographs will be included with the artwork (which is now done and looks awesome) that is featured at Art for the Heart of Africa on October 26, 2018, at The Vineyard Church. Save the date and don’t miss it!

I also really love knowing that the kids are getting a quality education, and that this education is going to make one of the biggest differences in their lives.

My highlight of today was giving Osman (the Dreamland Medical officer) the bass guitar he wanted. I was asked to pick one out before the trip and bring it over to Uganda.

We meet as a team at the end of the day to discuss the highs & lows (happies & crappies) of the day, and one of tonight’s themes from our team was how much several of us are connecting with the Dreamland kids. Personally, my heart was truly blessed to hear that Kathy Smarrella, our leader, personally drove by each of our houses prior to our trip to pray for our outreach and our connection with these kids.


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