Uganda September 2018 Update 6

September 10, 2018

Byron Hamacher

Hello from Africa, Vineyard Church!  My name is Byron, and yes, I’m in Africa! God changed my life a few years ago, but this trip has been God story after God story; I will share those when I get back. I want to tell you about the dream team.

First, Kathy, our leader - heart for God, heart for people and heart for the Dreamland. This girl is amazing!  Jay, our other leader, likes to joke around, but this guy knows how to get things done in Uganda.

Ok… now for the newbies. Bay - smart, had God’s plan in her head for the art projects and executed it to perfection, also hilarious. Now, the young adults, Alexis and Kaity - smart, hard-working, ready when asked to do anything. If they were my daughters, I would be so proud of them!

Chuck, the big guy, plays the guitar at worship and is a man of God. If you don’t know him, you should - he has a big heart for doing the right thing. Seth and Melanie - very talented and energetic. I didn’t get to see their taekwondo teaching at the camp, but I am sure they knocked it out of the park! Then there’s Chris - good at everything. I’m sure she is super mom at home, and she cared for us and the children here. Well done, Chris.

Then, there is me. This was amazing. God was right there the whole journey. The support from the team was amazing; the staff at Dreamland is great. The Dreamland spot at the refugee camp is fantastic, and Pastor Stanley’s vision is inspired. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this trip life-changing.

Vineyard Church, your contributions to Dreamland have had a huge impact on these kids. Schooling, food, water and shelter are precious. The boys hung gutters on the boys’ dorm that will collect the rain water from the roof and store it in a huge tank for use when needed. Life is hard here for everyone; not having your mom and dad, as these kids don’t, makes it even harder. These kids need your love and support to reach their dreams, and they have big dreams! Vineyard, thank you so much for your support of the Dreamland. May God bless you all.

(p.s. from Kathy Smarrella. . . Today was a more laid-back day – we got to participate in an awesome church service, have a little free time, and then ate a great dinner with Patrick, who runs a Christian microfinance organization in Arua. It was a good day! Tomorrow is our last day at the Dreamland and saying goodbye is never easy! Pray, would you, for a great day for us and the Dreamland family. Thanks!)


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