Costa Rica Update 5

August 3, 2018

Julie Dalton Hello again from Purral, Costa Rica.  We left La Campina, the place we are staying, at 6am to get an early start.  When we arrived at La Vina Purral, some of the men were already working on building the rafters.  Our...

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Costa Rica Update 4

August 2, 2018

Patrick Holdeman Good day all, and greetings from Costa Rica! We were roused and promptly out the door at 0700 hours.  Our first stop was at Pastor Roy’s House for breakfast: coffee, eggs, and rice. This is kind of a typical meal...

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Costa Rica July 2018 Update #3

August 1, 2018

Ileana Lindenlaub Hello again from Costa Rica! Today is Tuesday, our second day renovating the church in Purral. We did a lot of hard work today, spiritual as well as physical.  Progress continued inside the church as we worked with the...

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Costa Rica July 2018 Update #2

July 31, 2018

Dave Sherwood So, there is a time and season for everything: tonight, it is my honor to get to write the update of today’s activities in Costa Rica. We had breakfast at La Vina Palmares, just before packing the bus with lots of tools to go...

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3 Ways to Set a Positive Example

July 31, 2018 | Nate Earl

I’m not the perfect example by any means, but over the years, I’ve learned about setting a good example. I've been on staff for over five years and lead all of our Weekend Celebration Teams (the booth teams). So here are 3 practical...

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