You've Changed the World

September 28, 2018 | Kathy Smarrella

In conjunction with our REACH campaign, an account to support the Least of These (as described in Matthew 25:40) was established; 10% of all that comes into the church through REACH is put in a fund to support various ministries, organizations...

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For Those Who are Struggling or Have Struggled With Anxiety

September 21, 2018 | Anna Earl

“If you were in the Bible more, you wouldn’t have anxiety.” “You can just be over it if you just tried - Be happy!” Wrong. So very wrong — yet I’ve heard it so many times. Ironically, those statements...

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How I Escaped the Psych Ward

September 18, 2018 | Justin Stevenson

I have dealt with depression for as long as I can remember. I don’t know when it first started, but it’s hard to forget the times in middle school when I would sit at home with tears streaming down my face, desperately crying for...

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Uganda September 2018 Update 7

September 11, 2018 | Kathy Smarrella

Greetings from Arua, Uganda, on our last night here. Our team of 10 has spent the day at the Dreamland Children’s Home this morning and afternoon, playing games, distributing some new clothes, going to the playground, having conversations...

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Navigating Doomsday News

September 11, 2018 | Colin Johnson

As a human, I am heavily interested in the latest headlines. Usually a few times a week I am checking the news to see what is happening. I am not one to try and push the doomsday feel, but the news lately has not been the greatest. It makes me...

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